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Q. How long have you been in business? 
A. Stylish Painting has been family owned/run since 2005.

Q. Are you licensed and insured? 
A. In the state of Minnesota a painting contractor is not required to be licensed. This is because painters do not alter the physical structure of your home. But we are fully insured and can provide specifics upon request.

Q. Do you have a warranty? 
A. Yes, 3-5 year exterior limited warranty.

The following items will VOID warranty: 
  1) Paint defects caused by server weather 
  2) Normal wear and tear 
  3) Painted surfaces in poor condition (rough, loose, damaged, rotted wood) 
  4) Water/moisture damage or problem on painted surfaces(s) 
  5) Severe peeling prior to work...Note: warranty does not apply to previously applied paint on surface that may loosen later. We       will however, do all possible to prevent this 
  6) Painted surface found to be defective or delaminating

Q. Does your bid include everything it will take to complete my home, from start to finish?
A: Our bids include everything it will take to paint your home. No surprises. Items (such as carpentry) are discussed in advance and billed on a time and material basis.

Q. How long will my project take? 
A. Typically, an average interior or exterior painting project takes 3-5 days. 

Q. Do I need to be home while you paint?
A: This is up to you. We are used to working in homes that are both occupied and unoccupied. We realize that many people stay at home during the day and should that be you, we will do our best to contain our work to one room at a time. 

Q. What painting products do you use? 
A. Highest quality products of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Hirshfields.

Q. Which is better, oil or latex paint?
A: We generally recommend a high quality 100% acrylic paint. Oil base paint is still manufactured and has some limited uses but is rarely recommended on a large scale. For most homes, using a 100% acrylic (latex) paint will provide the longest lasting finish. 100% acrylics tolerate more movement in the wood and retain their color much longer than an oil based paint.

Q. What sheen do you recommend?
A:  Flat and Satin are the most commonly used sheen. Flat is most often used on large areas such as siding because it is better at hiding minor imperfections. Satin is often used on trim items to provide some additional accent. Satin is a bit more weather resistant but most people still choose Flat to avoid having a shiny house.

Q. How long will my paint job last?
A: Many things can impact how long a paint film will last. It has been our experience that a good quality paint job will last about 7 years. 

Q. What payment options do you accept? 
A. For right now , we accept checks and cash. 

1976 Staghorn Dr    Shakopee, MN 55379    Phone: 952.484.7710    Fax: 952.403.6055
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